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BNT-2000 Infant Radiant Warmer
BNT-2000 Infant Radiant Warmer

BNT-2000 Infant Radiant Warmer


● Microcontroller control open type radiant warmer with manual and servo system

● Display skin set facility, skin observed temperature in ºC and heat power separately

● User friendly soft touch panel large and bright LED Display

● Ceramic infrared heating element for effective warming

● Audible and visual alarm facility for overheating beyond set temperature range,

   probe failure,   power failure, system failure and heater failure

● Warmer will be sense the skin probe failure and cut off the heater

● Warmer head will rotate and swivel in different direction

● Inbuilt battery back- up during power failure

● Keyboard locking facility to avoid unwanted user modification of the set parameter.

● Height of the warmer will adjustable

● Control panel will liquid proof and allow easy and hygienic disinfection

● Intelligent alarms for patient safety

● Large mattress, drop down side panels for easy access to new-born

● Examination lamps for easy observation of new-born


● Observation Light :   1000 Lux

● Color Temperature range : 3700k to 5100k

● Patient control ( baby mode )   : 34°C   to 37.5°C in increments 0.1°C ( 95°F to 99.5°F )

● Manual mode adjust heater output : 10 – 100% with 5% increment, auditory and visual alarm will give every 15 min.

● Temperature measurement accuracy:   ± 0.3°C, resolution: ± 0.1°C, probe accuracy: ± 0.1°C

● Warmer have with bassinet trolley. Mattress foam density   25kg/cm³, transparent collapsible     side wall, easy detachable for cleaning, mattress size : 20” x 28 ”

● Size of drop down   5” (±1” ) mattress surface, 6mm thick, clear and transparent.     

● Bed   height about   80 ~ 100cm from the floor and 80 ~ 90cm from the heat source.

● The baby bed is crevice free for ease of cleaning, infection control and mattress used to be

   biocompatible material.

● Heater Element : 600 watts

● Heater will cut off , if the maximum irradiance at any point of the mattress area exceeds a total irradiance level of 10mw/cm² or above 60% of the heater output ( between 10 to 30 min)

● Bed tilt mechanism : -10-15°  

● Skin temperature probe size : ≤ 10mm dia   3~ 4mm thick ( biocompatible), pliable probe wire and non-stiff   

● Castor wheels 2 are lockable

● Ambient temperature : 10-40°C

● Relative Humidity :   15 - 90%

● Power supply : 220-240VAC, 50Hz


1.Mattress-1 No.

2.IV pole-1 No.

3.Skin Probe-1 No.

4.X-ray cassette tray-1 No

5.Operational and service manual – 1 set each